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nov 20, 2023

I've been sitting on this decision for a while now, but I think it was for the best. I've officially moved to after being on Neocities for more than a year! I decided I wanted a lot of things in the Neocities Supporter Tier, HOWEVER it's really missing a crucial component: I wanted to use PHP. I didn't know if that was a good monetary decision for my own needs. And with some more affordable options...migration time it is!

I've plastered it all over my neocities page that I won't up and leave it completely! I had a lot of fun and that's where I mainly saw new people sharing their websites. I really liked the dashboard structure there and I'll still be checking in now and again. I'll set up an index and a changelog on neocities that redirects to this site. I'm also keeping the og site structure, with some organization changes for other elements that aren't website pages.

As of writing this, I have set up most of the main section pages and the LOATM homepage! Subpages, such as the art galleries, interest pages, and story subpages haven't been set up yet. The OC directory page will be rewritten to use PHP instead of JS for the filtering option, so that will take me a bit of time to do! The galleries will also have to wait as I'm still constantly trying to find a good gallery framework. I might as damn well take my time on that one. In the future, I will try to make an RSS feed for my website as well!

Anyways, yeah that's a lot of updates for the site! For my own personal life...I'm just trying to survive my classes to be honest. It's going swell I think! But somehow the workload feels a lot more concrete than the last four years I've been in this university. Ah well.




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