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accessibility info

I try to do my best when it comes to accessibility to my website. I do believe it's an important step towards a truly free internet. Though at the same time, I'm just a hobbyist webmaster: I obviously don't know everything about accessibility standards until I learn more about it, and I don't have the time to learn about it all in one fell swoop. I also usually learn through trial-and-error, which is why I tend to update my site constantly. It's a slow journey, but it's a journey that I'm really enjoying, no matter how slow it takes me!

Feedback on these is very much appreciated!

current website features:

  • Mobile responsive - all pages of this website, no matter the layout, is mobile responsive!
  • Semantic HTML - all pages are built with semantic HTML (at least, as far as I know. Some pages may not be updated yet)
  • Alt image descriptions - Most images have alt text, except for purely decorative images. I'm still going through them and updating them all!
  • Minimal animations - Outside of the site buttons that are animated, there are no other GIFs used in this site (except, I think, some blinkies on Daisy and Mark's page). Some hover effects have minimal animations.
  • (Mostly) Reader mode compatible - Most of my pages are compatible with Firefox's reader mode, but I have to admit sometimes I don't know how to activate it for some pages. I'm working on it!
  • OC Directory Filtering - The oc page's filtering system is now powered by PHP!
  • Javascript functions - I try to make all my JS functions non-important to viewing my site. If someone has JS disabled, they should not miss out on any important features...hopefully.
    • Styleswitcher - The main site section has three light mode options and three dark mode options. Story sections have a light/dark toggle. If JS is disabled, it defaults to dark mode styles.
    • widget - My homepage has a section where my most recent status is displayed. The fallback gives you a link to my page where you can view all my statuses.
    • Page Randomizer - Used for my oc page too! It sends you to a random (existing) oc page on my site. If JS is disabled...the random button won't work. You have to do the randomizing yourself, unfortunately. Pick from 1 to (insert max. number of ocs here)
    • Footer Content - It's the little blurb on top of the footer links. The fallback just says "icecreampizzer". I'm kinda planning to just do this by hand.
    • Gallery Lightbox - I'm planning to change this. It's a fun gallery format, with the contents appearing even in Firefox reader mode! But I've decided it's best if it doesn't rely on JS at all. Some art galleries of mine are using this as of writing this.
    • Guestbook - I think this is also an important feature that relies on JS :( I'll look into this more but I don't have any other fallbacks available right now (aside for commenting on my neocities profile..)

future features planned:

  • Image descriptions & polished alt text - Alongside settling on an accessible gallery, more stuff with image descs is on my to-do.
  • Gallery overhaul - Tabbable, accessible, JS-free gallery for a static HTML site.
  • Alternate site button designs - Not really in the same vein as coding, but yeah. I'm planning on making a couple more designs and non-animated versions!
  • Reader mode check - My freakin' Homepage doesn't have reader mode, out of all the pages. I'll get back to this soon
  • Automatic light/dark mode - One that relies on the prefers-color-scheme thing. Figuring out how to integrate that with the current JS styles is going to be fun.
  • PHP Features - now that I'm on Leprd where I can use PHP, some of the JS features may be replaced with PHP functions!

site archives

Because of my inability to really settle on a layout, this site has gone through a LOT of changes over the months since its inception. Here they are for your convenience! Each layout only has one page for simplicity.

main site layouts

  • 1st layout (apr 30 - oct 4, 2022)
    • funnily enough, this one has the most similarity to the current layout (as of writing this, it's the 5th). I was worried I lost this version but thankfully it still exists! I didn't do much with this though...the extended timeframe is explained by the fact that I got busy with other things. It does not have a name sadly
  • 2nd layout (Lux) (oct 4 - oct 25, 2022)
    • one of the more "proper" layouts, with the introduction of a blog page and a page for TIA. This was a bit short-lived, just like the 1st one, with the 3rd layout replacing it quickly.
  • 3rd layout (Sleek) (oct 25 - dec 6, 2022)
    • it follows the same sorta style from Lux, plus some inspiration from the Bandcamp website lmao!! I made a lot more headway with this layout, trying out how to switch the styles when people visited some of the more special pages like LOATM and TIA.
  • 4th layout (Sunshine) (dec 6, 2022 - jul 11, 2023)
    • probably the longest lasting layout so far, returning to my roots with a sidebar style because I thought sleek and lux looked too "formal" without them. Also generally for navigational purposes, I enjoy a good sidebar. a lot of things were made during this era, including my decision to give special pages their own dang styles!!
  • 5th layout (Daisy) (jul 11, 2023 - present)
    • the latest layout in my Sisyphean pursuit of making the perfect layout for my tastes. aughh. AT LEAST I can change themes now and ALSO it looks more and more like a tumblr blog layout that I'd really use.
    • as of November 19, these layouts are now made in PHP!

tba archives

Soon to be added...archives for pages that aren't included in the main site layout, like story/oc/interest pages


main site theme credits

sitely stuff

You can find more of these on my links page!

oc art credits

Credits will be listed in a character's profile gallery if a certain artwork was used for something related to their profiles. Let me know if I'm missing anything!