welcome to the pizzeria!

I'm Gene! I'm an artist who loves to draw silly characters and make even sillier stories. You can find them here all in one place! Originally I planned this to be a place where I could show off my stories and ocs, perhaps in a summarized way so people can easily read about them...but I thought, hey, why not make this place fully my own? This is a personal site where I write blogs, talk about my interests, and display my works for your viewing experience. Have fun looking around and I hope you enjoy your stay in my corner of the internet!

Currently working on my layouts, sorry for the inconsistencies you may find around here!

this site is mobile-friendly!

my works

I think about a lot of things. And then I make something out of them! Here's links to my creative outputs, each with subcategories to choose from. The blorbos from my brain.

For stories and OCs, they will have appropriate warnings if mature themes are involved. And there sure are a lot of them! I'd personally categorize my overall output best for ages 16 and above. Please take note of the warnings.

more fun stuff

BUTTON TIME! Feel free to download the image and link back to my site! Let me know so I can link back to yours if you've got a button too!

Check out these cool sites! I would add stamps on here but I haven't gotten around to collecting any..lmao

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my guestbook!

Feel free to leave me a message there! :]


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  • fully update pages to HTML5 syntax
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  • still have a lot to do later, but i wanna clear these first before anything