gene | she/her | 21

Hi I'm Gene, and welcome to my neocities site! I'm an artist and I love to draw and write stories, and you can find a lot of them here in one place! Hope you enjoy your stay :D


OCTOBER 4 - Another layout revamp after not touching this site for a while...I think I've finally got a solid idea of what I really want this site to look like. The navigation links don't work just yet! Learning a lot about flexboxes and columns (I'm used to bootstrap but I wanted to try doing it from the ground up)...anyways I'll try to work on this more regularly but I can't promise anything lmao!!

OCTOBER 6 - Working on a test page that's still hidden...I should set up a blog page soon SKDJFHSD but yeah! Adding and adjusting more stuff, I need to fix the mobile responsiveness of this site cause it's just gonna bug me DHFDSJH bootstrap really spoiled me godamn