hai. hello. beeeg big big big wip. If you'd like to find me elsewhere, here's my personal carrd! I like ocs and original stories, and I also do some simple coding in the sidelines.

Gives you some images. they're on the INTERWEBS NOW

Ermmm also sorry for the amount of updates, I wish it wasn't public LMAO I just keep forgetting shit to add or I'm testing out if things actually work on Neocities...I need to See things

04/30/22: Ahhhhh okay I figured out how to do the silly mobile responsiveness thing. Might stick with this layout, might not. But it looks cool! Also I'm gonna start logging in updates for this site. I won't be able to work on this until much later again...but you know, I'll be back >:3

03/04/22: First registered into neocities :D ! I was just playing around with the layout, i didn't do a lot in between this and the latest update. But yes, planning to use this as an original character directory.

Whoa! Another paragraph! Very cool