the webmaster

self-portrait of me with a cat print shirt

Hello hi! I’m Gene, and welcome to my cozy little corner of the internet. I’m currently 22 and I use she/her pronouns! I’m a Filipino artist who loves original characters and stories and a lot of other fun stuff! I’m currently in college right now (I'm taking BA Psychology!), but I try to find the time to work on my art. I’m self-taught and I’ve never had any formal art classes other than the mandatory ones in school. I learned from various artistic inspirations throughout the years, and I insert a lot of my gained interests into my work! I’ve been drawing since I was 5, more or less, and I remembered making stories and comics around the same time.

Also sorry if my sentence construction sounds weird sometimes, English is not my first language and classic lit ruined the way I use commas, and I tend to write run-on sentences as a result.

Nagsasalita ako ng Tagalog! Pwede kang makipag-usap sa akin ng ganito kung maalam ka, pero ok din sa akin ang Ingles ‘wag kang mag-alala SDFKHS

My tools of the trade are Paint Tool Sai (1 and 2), Ibis PaintX on mobile, Clip Studio Paint (sometimes), and Photoshop for editing stuff. I use Notepad++ for my coding, and my main browser of choice is Firefox.

I have...4 active sonas, but only 2 of them have appeared on this site. I'll make an oc page for them eventually.

For other fun personal things (like web pets and collections), check out my toybox!

full interest list

Check out my fan subsite for more fan-focused stuff from me! Topics linked here also redirect to their shrines in this subsite.


general stuff that isn't fandom-related

old interests

Strong childhood interests, but I'm no longer into as much.

  • Inside Out
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum
  • Wreck-it-Ralph
  • The LEGO Movie
  • The 7D
  • The Loud House
  • Peanuts


    • I Expect You To Die
    • Portal 1 & 2
    • Stardew Valley
    • Minecraft: Story Mode
    • Minecraft
    • Ace Attorney
    • Clue
    • Summon Night: Swordcraft Story
    • Pokemon
    • Will Wood
    • Bryan Scary
    • Louie Zong
    • Lemon Demon
    • ABBA
    • Ginger Root
    • half•alive
    • Autoheart
    • Brian David Gilbert
    • Jane Austen
    • HG Wells / Jules Verne (Sci-Fi)
    • man idk it's been a while

the website

So, you might ask, "Gene, why make a personal website?" Well, my simplest answer is: if I was given the choice to present information in a creative way, I WILL do it. It's fun, fulfilling, and it scratches an itch in my brain that just wants to create something that I can call my own!

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of having my own fully customizable site. When I was introduced to HTML/CSS by my Information and Computer Technology (ICT) teacher from high school, I immediately got hooked with making HTML pages. I thought I could make pages for my characters, stories, future webcomics..this is me finally doing what my younger self would’ve loved. I’ve mostly gotten the hang of it from reading tutorials, but I won't really start coding until I discovered you can code your own profiles on Toyhouse. I learned the intricacies of responsive design, columns and all, from TH's Bootstrap framework. I made a couple of layouts for free use, though I haven't done any more due to losing motivation...it was a hobby, after all!

Though part of it was definitely me focusing on writing code for myself, here on my own website. I discovered Neocities first from a person's Discord profile that had their website link on it, instead of a carrd link like I was used to. With a quick peek into the way that thing worked, I got excited with making my own website, with absolute coding freedom! (For HTML, CSS and Javascript at least...) I made this website on March 2022 first on Neocities, and on November 2023 I have officially moved to leprd.space. I've been working on it ever since.

Originally it was just going to be a showcase/an introduction of all my currently developing stories for people not caught up in the lore of my incoherent ramblings about my Blorbo of the Week - but it wouldn’t hurt to add more stuff in here too! This is why my site is the way it is today. I started this idea for a carrd site, but I felt that the free features were pretty limiting - sometimes I love the challenge of limitations, but honestly I realized I wanted to do more with this, and I'm glad there's perfect alternatives to do these.

Check out this page for more website info! Accessibility info, site archives, and credits can be seen there.