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Hello, I'm Gene! I'm an artist who loves to draw silly characters and make even sillier stories. You can find them here all in one place: my personal website!

Originally I planned this to be a place where I could show off my stories and ocs, perhaps in a summarized way so people can easily read about them...but I thought, hey, why not make this place fully my own? So here we are: a place where you can see my creative works and other personal silly stuff, among other things I decide to put here.

Have fun looking around and I hope you enjoy your stay in my corner of the internet!

This site is mobile-friendly! It also uses javascript! A more comprehensive page on this website's accessibility can be seen here.

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Some updates are happening! Check out my list below for more details.

latest updates

  • 04/28/24 - WOW look at that gap. After riding the IEYTD brainrot I'm starting to get back to working on this site again. TIA and commission subsites are finally up! They're still in WIP though.
  • 12/17/23 - In the process of setting up subsites and changing the links around! I've caught up with the pages of LOATM, and I also revamped my oc page!

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creative spotlight

The whole reason why I made this website! Take a look around.

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featured artwork

Traditional pen drawing of Solaris, the Fabricator, and Dr. Roxana Prism

zoraxis girls' night

It's almost the end of 2023 and I still haven't gotten around to. Working on my gallery. I promise it'll be here. In the meantime I've been obsessed with IEYTD.

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featured ocs

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links and such

I'm 90% sure you can find me everywhere else as icecreampizzer. I have a carrd as a directory!

This site is hand-coded from scratch...mostly! Find all the code snippets I'm using (and other credits) in my credits page!

Feel free to download the image and link back to my site! Let me know so I can link back to yours if you've got a button too!

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Some directories and webrings I'm part of!

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